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Director and Principle Investigator Position Openings at Cancer Research InstituteChinese Institutes for Medical Research, Capital Medical University, Beijing

The Capital Medical University (CCMU) is ranked among the top medical schools in China. Newly founded in 2022, the Chinese Institutes for Medical Research (CIMR) of CCMU aims to build a world-class medical research center dedicated to disease-oriented-research. As a part of the CIMR, the Cancer Research Institute is striving to become an internationally recognized institute of cancer research. The laboratories of the Cancer Research Institute are located at the main campus of the Capital Medical University, Fengtai District, Beijing. The institute welcomes applications from candidates of diverse background, and is committed to building a PI-centered governance framework and fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. The institute is now seeking an exceptional and visionary Director and is recruiting multiple Principal Investigators (PIs) to lead individual labs. We are looking for highly talented and enthusiastic scientists pursuing innovative basic research on cancer biology or translational research on cancer diagnosis and therapy to fill the positions.

Research Field:

1) Clinical problem-driven research: We are interested in candidates whose research work focuses on lung cancer, breast cancer, nervous system tumors, leukemia, or colon cancer. Each PI will build and maintain a strategic relationship with a cancer center of an affiliated hospital of the Capital Medical Universitywhich allows access to a broad range of patient samples in support of research projects.

2) Basic cancer biology research: We are also interested in candidates who will bring novel approaches, either technical or conceptual, to study biological mechanisms related to cancer development, progression, and therapy.

Position description and qualifications


The director of the Cancer Research Institute is responsible for providing scientific and administrative leadership for the institute, and maintain his/her own active research lab as part of the Cancer Research Institute. The applicant should hold tenured Associate Professor (or above) or equivalent positions in well-known universities or institutes. The successful candidate is expected to be an internationally recognized, highly accomplished scientist in the field of cancer research, with broad knowledge and a compelling vision for the future of cancer research, as well as possessing strong leadership skills. The Director will be responsible for the development of an overall vision for the institute, creating and maintaining a research environment that encourages creativity and collaboration among different disciplines.

Principal Investigators (PIs)

Applications for PI positions at multiple levels including Assistant, Associate, and Full Investigator are welcome.

1) Assistant Investigator: Qualified candidates should have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree, successful postdoctoral training experience with a strong track record in cancer biology research, and have demonstrated the potential to establish a vibrant independent research program.

2) Associated Investigator: The applicant should have experience of establishing and running an independent lab, and have academic achievements equivalent to those of the Assistant Professor (or above) in well-known universities or institutes.

3) Investigator: Senior applicants with a well-established record of research accomplishments, scientific creativity and leadership in the externally funded and highly visible research programs are encouraged to apply. The applicant should hold tenured Associate Professor (or above) or equivalent positions in well-known universities or institutes.

Salary, Benefits and Start-up Packages

The Cancer Research Institute provides internationally competitive salaries, generous start-up packages and five years of large research funding, so that the investigators will have enough time and resource to secure external funding. In addition, the institute provides attractive comprehensive fringe benefits, including housing allowance, health and life insurance, and retirement plan. Applicants who choose to establish a collaborative relationship with a hospital cancer center will have a salary subsidy from the hospital. The Cancer Research Institute provides strong administrative support, outstanding Ph.D and postdoctoral programs. The institute will actively coordinate with PIs to support their access to relevant national programs. These resources will enable each PI to freely pursue research of long-term major impact.

How to apply

Applications should be sent electronically to Dr. Panpan Yu at sykczx@ccmu.edu.cn including the following materials in a single PDF file (file name as last-name_first-name.pdf).

Application for the position of Director. Applicants should submit a letter of interest describing your qualifications for the position, personal research summary and future research plan, vision for potential development of the Cancer Research Institute. In addition, please include a current curriculum vitae and the names of 3-5 references. The reference letters should be arranged to be sent by referees directly to sykczx@ccmu.edu.cn.

Application for the PIs. Applicants for PIs should submit in a single PDF file a cover letter, a statement of research interests and future research plan, and a curriculum vitae. Please have 4-5 letters of recommendation (one from Ph.D mentor, one from postdoctoral mentor, and 2-3 peer letters of recommendation from scientists in the cancer research filed) sent by the referees to sykczx@ccmu.edu.cn.

Review of applications is ongoing, and will continue until the available positions are filled. Successful candidates are being selected based on merit regardless of age, gender, nationality, or ethnicity. Nomination is also highly welcome. If you have any questions, please reach us via email.

Contact: Panpan Yu, Ph.D.

Email: sykczx@ccmu.edu.cn

Cell phone: +86 18565338396




1. 临床问题导向研究:重点招聘从事肺癌、乳腺癌、神经系统肿瘤、白血病、结肠癌等的诊断及防治创新研究的优秀人才;可与MG娱乐电子游戏4355附属医院定向合作,利用医院肿瘤科丰富的临床样本资源开展相关课题研究。

2. 癌症生物学及防治基础研究:欢迎致力于研究肿瘤发生发展机制,探索肿瘤诊治新策略和新技术的优秀人才加盟。


1. 肿瘤研究所所长 在海外知名高校、科研院所担任副教授或以上职位。在肿瘤领域具有深厚的研究背景和创新能力,在同行中具有较强的影响力;具有国际化学术视野,对肿瘤研究所发展具有创新性和战略性构想;组织协调能力强,具有带领本学科赶超或引领国际先进水平的能力;为人正直,治学严谨。

2. 独立实验室主任(PI

1) 研究员 申请者应获得国内外知名大学或科研机构博士学位,在肿瘤研究领域具备富有成效的博士后研究经历,具备带领团队(博士生及博士后等)开展前沿研究的能力和突出发展潜力。

2) 高级研究员 在海知名高校、科研院所担任助理教授或相当层次职位,在肿瘤研究领域具有国际一流的创新性成果及突出发展潜力。

3) 资深研究员 在海外知名高校、科研院所担任副教授或相当职务,在肿瘤领域有精深的研究和学术造诣,具有领域内有影响力的原创成果。


1. 根据应聘者的科研水平、能力和潜力等方面,提供有竞争力的科研启动经费、聘期内稳定的年度运行经费,以及相应水平的工资和福利待遇。可选择双聘于MG娱乐电子游戏4355附属医院,在首都医学科学创新中心工资福利的基础上医院给予额外的津贴。

2. 可依托MG娱乐电子游戏4355招收硕士、博士研究生及博士后。

3. 技术平台提供专业技术支持,支持申报各种国家级和北京市人才计划。

4. 提供科研、生活相关的各项保障。


1. 应聘所长有意者请将个人简历、个人研究成果和未来研究规划、对肿瘤研究所未来发展的工作设想、3-5封专业领域内资深科学家的推荐信、以及其他可证明本人能力的相关料发送至邮箱:sykczx@ccmu.edu.cn,邮件主题请注明姓名+应聘肿瘤研究所所长

2. 应聘PI申请者请将个人简历个人研究描述包括已经取得的研究成果和未来研究规划)、推荐信包括博士导师、博士后导师、及2-3领域同行的推荐信,须由推荐人直接发送)、以及其他可以证明本人能力的相关料发送到邮箱:sykczx@ccmu.edu.cn,邮件标题请注明xxx应聘肿瘤研究所PI

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